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Bees Knees Ativador Download

Updated: Mar 9

Bees Knees Ativador Download

About This Game JimJams games are a small, indie development team with a love for the retro games of the '80's and 90's. We only develop games that embrace that era, aiming to provide true classic styled gaming, with a massive retro feel, maybe with a slight hint of what these games would have been with a little more processing power.We don't aim to develop AAA games, but simply to bring our passion for a time gone by to those who love truly classic themed and inspired games. If this is a genre and era that you love, then our games are for you.Bees Knees is a cartoon retro-styled garden based shooter. (Or CRSGBS - although we don't think that will ever catch on as an acronym), for all ages.Take control of the state of the art, Robotically Assisted Pneumatic Horticultural All Environment Levitator (Often simply called R.A.P.H.A.E.L), This advanced prototype, leads the gardening world's battle against a variety of "angry" bugs, annoying spiders, very hostile hornets and terrible weather. Protect and nurture your flowers from the ravages of the outdoors while providing cover for your busy bee as it collects its daily quota of honey while facing ever increasing challenges.Features.Limitless gameplay.Thousands of angry insectsClassic Retro-styled gamingCustom controlsController support d859598525 Title: Bees KneesGenre: Action, Casual, IndieDeveloper:JimJams GamesPublisher:JimJams GamesRelease Date: 3 Sep, 2017 Bees Knees Ativador Download


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